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We are a fashion start-up driven by passion and we create innovation in the fashion industry! We offer business clothes that feels like active wear. Comfortable and smart. Our mission is to give you the opportunity to feel good in your everyday life and live to the fullest. A life without limitations.

made by women for women

We are a passionate, fast-learning team that want to
change the traditional way of doing business, and business suits.

You can call us rebels or changemakers. No matter
what we want to challenge the status quo and create something better and smarter for future generations.

MWH stands for Move and Work in Harmony and it´s our
mantra in all areas of our business. We produce ethically in Portugal and collaborate only with top innovators in the industry. Our internal work policy focuses on our personal health and balance. And because we are women, we have decided to create a work culture with a female and hormonal perspective that allows us to have ups and downs. Because we want to live our life with our natural flow.

We really hope that you want to join us in our journey of creating something amazing.

Move & Work in Harmony!




“When I founded MWH in 2019 I was really tired of fast fashion and uncomfortable suits. So my first mission was to find a team that could create change together. I found it in Malin, Michelle and Charlotte. And today I’m so proud of everything we achieved so far.”



“When Maria contacted me with her idea I didn´t understand the problem. I worked at Casall so I didn’t need to wear a bussinesuit. I said to her that "Yeah, sure I can help you out with the design but i´m not a business suit person". Today I’m converted and co-founder”



“I was studying to E-commerce manager at IHM Business school when I saw a Linkedin post from MWH of Sweden. They were looking for a fast learning intern with passionate mindset, and I immediately wrote to Maria. A few months later I became partner and launched the beta version of our website."

everything started with a scissor

how it all started

Maria Seraki had a problem she wanted to solve. Every morning before work she found herself standing in front of her closet feeling stressed and frustrated. As a single mom, in the middle of her career, and with a big passion to live an active lifestyle she was longing to wear comfortable businesswear that she could move in. She wanted to be able to bike to work, take walk and talks and play basketball with her son after picking him up from school.

She also wanted to look smart and professional during her formal meetings at work. But she didn't want to change clothes three times per day. Infront of her in the closet she could only find uncomfortable, rigid and fragile suits designed for a different lifestyle and for a century long gone.

One day she had enough. She closed the closet and put her tracksuit on for work .The same evening she cut her tracksuit with a scissor and pinned it into a business suit. That day MWH was born and the idea of next generation business clothes. Comfortable. Sustainable. Unrestricted. Created for women to have the possibility to live life to the fullest.