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We create business wear that feels like activewear, with a tailored and sofisticated look. Move seamlessly in your everyday life, from the boardroom to evenings out with friends. These suits are made by women for women with a mission to have it all.


”I thought the suit would be comfortable but it´s actually EVEN MORE comfortable than my active wear.”

- Customer review

Made in Portugal with Italian fabric


My name is Maria and I'm the founder of MWH of Sweden. A few years ago I had a problem I wanted to solve. Every morning before work I found myself standing in front of my
closet feeling stressed and frustrated.

As a single mom with a big passion to live an active lifestyle I was longing to wear comfortable business suits that I could move in and live a seamless life in.

I wanted to be able to bike to work in comfort, slide into the work meetings in a tailored, smart business suit and finish the day off playing basketball with my son.

One day I had enough of my uncomfortable business suits in my closet. I put a tracksuit on for work and the same evening I cut my tracksuit with a scissor and pinned it into a business suit. That day MWH was born and the idea of next generation business clothes. Comfortable. Sustainable. Unrestricted. Created for women to have the possibility to live life to the fullest.

Move & Work in Harmony

Maria Seraki

produced in portugal

Ethical production with fair working conditions

HIgh-tech quality fabric

Stretchy fabric that is made to last for a long time

free shipping

And free exchanges

try at home

You have 30 days to fall in love with your suit


Our intention is to create the best fit you have ever experienced so that you will love and wear the suit for a long time. We want you to look good and feel good. The suits are produced in Portugal with fair working conditions. And we use a high-tech quality fabric from Italy that is stretchable in all directions, durable and incredibly comfortable. We care about you and the investment you make when purchasing a suit from MWH because it is a long-term relationship, that´s why we designed timeless, classic high quality garments.


Experience superiour comfort and unlimited stretch in all directions.

light weight & no creasing

Our suits are lightweight and perfect for travels. Just unpack your suits and hang it on a hanger and let the magic begin - no more creased suits!


No more expensive dry cleaning bills - wash at home in 30 degrees and air dry. No need to iron either!



“I have longed for clothes that are stylish, dressy AND practical for as long as I can remember. I cycle 3 miles per day, so MWH is the perfect solution for my everyday missions, comfortable when I cycle and stylish when I have meetings and lectures"


"MWH is so comfortable that I don't want to travel in any other clothes anymore. When i arrive to my destination I am always well dressed no matter what i do. For customer visits, AWs, playing golf ,sightseeing and so on. It´s the perfect outfit."


"These suits aren't just clothes, they're a lifestyle. I love that they are made by women for women. You can essentially have a capsule collection for any occasion, and mix and match as you go. And OMG they're machine washable - a lifesaver for a busy person like me."