When we decided to make businesswear that feels like activewear, it was important to find the right fabric. Function was of great importance BUT it was also important that our suits looked exclusive and smart.

We found an Italian supplier that creates exclusive, durable and functional fabrics with fantastic benefits!

8-way stretch

Our suits have fantastic 8-way stretch that makes everyday life easier no matter what's on the agenda.


The special construction of the fabric allows air to easily circulate between the fibers - giving a cooler feeling than a traditional suit.

quick drying

Thanks to the fabric construction, the drying capacity is very high and dries faster than other fabrics.


The fabric protects against UV rays and does not fade as easily in the sun.

extra thin & light

The fabric is very light and soft.In addition, it´s 50% thinner than traditional bonded fabric.

anti pilling

The fabric has a high resistance to friction and no pilling appear on the fabric.The clothes retain their original appearance over time.

easy to wash

The suit can easily be washed at home at 30 degrees - which quickly saves on dry cleaning costs.

wrinkel free

The fabric don't wrinkle and minimizes the formation of creases, which makes it optimal for those days when you are on the run or away on a business trip.