We believe that sustainability starts with quality and longevity - less but better. Sustainable fibres are useless if the product is disposable. 

So when we launch new styles you can be sure that it's not throw-away trends destined to be forgotten in your closet. Just timeless classic pieces that you LOVE and use often. Because we want to act in harmony with nature.

We design everything ourselves in Sweden and we produce in Portugal with Italian high quality  fabric. Our selected partners are among the best in Europe within clothing manufacturing. They have a big focus on sustainability and innovation.


Overproduction is not our thing. We are not affraid to be short in stock. And sure, it means that you might have to wait a little longer to get your MWH suit. But it´s worth waiting for.


Recycled fibres. All our black suits are made of recycled polyamide. And for the ones that aren't we try to find new innovations with our suppliers. 


We want to minimize labels that you cut off anyway. That's why we print the most important information on the clothes. Just like activewear.


Fair price from the start. We want to create qualitative garments with fair prices from the get go. We won't mark up with an extra margin to be able to offer discounts. Sometimes we will offer VIP discounts. But you can be sure that when you decide to invest in a suit it won't be on sale a few weeks later. 


Packaging. It is a conscious choice to keep the packaging simple. Our products lies in a non-plastic bag that are made of sugarcane or other dry goods and are 100% biodegradable. You can even put it in the compost! The order is sent out in a packaging made of a thicker paper that you can recycle.