Maria Seraki had a problem she wanted to solve. Every morning before work she found herself standing infront of her closet feeling stressed and frustrated.

As a single mom, in the middle of her carrier, and with a big passion to live an active lifestyle she was longing to wear comfortable businesswear that she could move in.

She wanted to be able to bike to work, take walk and talks and play basketball with her son after picking him up from school. She also wanted to look smart and professional during her formal meetings at work. But she didn´t want to change clothes three times per day.

Infront of her in the closet she could only find uncomfortable, rigid and fragile suits designed for a different lifestyle and for a century long gone.

On day she had enough. She closed the closet and put her tracksuit on for work. That day MWH was born and the idea of next generation businessclothes. Comfortable. Sustainable. Unrestricted. Created for women to have the possibility to live life to the fullest.

Move & Work in Harmony