MWH's clothes are easy to care for! No more dry cleaning bills- yaaay! Our clothes are easily washed at 30 degrees without fabric softener as this destroys the breathability and the fabric! We go through how to take care of your MWH clothes in the best possible way for optimal durability! HIGH FIVE!   

♥ For superficial stains, it is easy to wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth does not stain.  

♥ Its great to air the garment sometimes instead of washing. We save on both the garment and the environment by minimizing the number of washes.   

♥ Our clothes should not be tumble dried. It is best to hang dry as it does not wear as much on the garment and also saves energy.   

♥ Has the jacket become wrinkled? Hang it on a hanger and wait - Tada! The wrinkled jacket is just a memory! On stressful days, it works to iron the garments on very low heat, but please be very careful and put a towel or other garment between to make sure the fabric don´t get damaged.