The advantages of our suits are so many. Where do we begin?

First of all, you will look amazing AND feel like you are wearing comfortable activewear. A true magic combination!

Cycling to work is no longer a problem. Our suits have 8-way stretch and the fabric breathes, just like activewear. So now you don´t have to worrie about changing clothes at work if you love your bike.

No more dry cleaning costs because you can wash the suit at 30 degrees.

And how about businesstrips? No problem. The best thing is that you arrive at your destination with a relaxed feeling and with a wrinkle-free suit. Ready to perform! And you don´t have to chose what suit to pack, the whole collection fits in a small suitcase. How amazing?

We design all our garments ourselves and our intention is to create the best fit you have ever experienced. We want you to love every garment we design and wear it for a long time and often.

We produce all clothes in Portugal and we have chosen to work with the most luxurious fabric you can imagine, made by Eurojersey in Italy.

The feeling of wearing an MWH suit will change you forever.